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5 Reasons to Get Your Chimney Swept Early This Year

Most people wait until just before the heating season to have their chimney swept. Here are five great reasons to get the job done now.

  1. When the heating season is done, it’s only natural for you to stop thinking about the furnace, fireplace and chimney. But there are benefits to getting ready for the next season early. No waiting around! There is always a long wait in the fall – sometimes 60 days or more. We always feel bad that we can’t get to service loyal customers like you, but the demand in the fall is just overwhelming. By doing your maintenance early, you can get service a lot sooner, and you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your chimney and flue have been serviced.

  2. Leaving in the residue from the heating season in your chimney flue actually wears out your masonry faster and increases the likelihood that you’ll need costly repairs. Soot and water make acids that deteriorate mortar joints. The process is slow, but leaving the soot in the chimney during the spring and summer months will expose your masonry and flue to the corrosive build up that’s there after every heating season. Having the chimney swept right when the season’s over drastically decreases the likelihood that you’ll need expensive repairs.

  3. Fireplace odors are worst in the spring and summer – the smell can permeate your home and even your clothes! By sweeping and deodorizing your fireplace after the heating season, you can minimize or eliminate that awful smell.

  4. Find the problems before it gets cold. Every year people find that they’ve got heating system emergencies just when they need heat. We trust nothing will be wrong with your chimney, but if there is a problem let’s find out before you need the chimney again!

  5. You will save money, because we offer the Chimney Top Masonry Spring Sweep Discount.

Early chimney maintenance is good for you as well as us. Let us take care of your chimney early this year.

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